Alternative Fuel Vehicles Positively Impact Climate Change

There has been a great deal in the news lately pertaining to climate change and the negative impact it is having on our environment. Wildfires are burning out of control in the western United States. Hurricanes are lined-up in the Atlantic, ready to surpass the last name in the 2020 series, only to start again with the Greek alphabet. Ice caps are melting in the Arctic and Antarctic due to global warming. Whether you are a believer, or not, it’s obvious climate changes are happening, and humans are primarily responsible.

For example, fossil fuels are a major culprit in climate change. Fossil fuels are considered oil and coal, and when burned in combustion engines we humans drive or furnaces in homes we heat, they increase the level of carbon dioxide [CO2] in our atmosphere. The higher levels of carbon combine with oxygen to form CO2, altering the air we breathe and the fragile state of our earthly greenhouse, according to a climate change causation report by NASA.

Knowing human actions make a difference, climate-conscious car buyers are choosing automobiles that use alternative fuel sources in an effort to positively impact climate change. In turn, auto makers are listening to consumers and taking action to deliver environmentally-friendly products. A recent article we came across in Asphalt Adventures clears the air about climate-friendly, alternative fuel vehicles and how they work.

Electric Cars

Electric vehicles, also known as EVs or BEVs, have become much more than novel, automotive acquisitions afforded only by the upper-middle class. Auto manufacturers are embracing the popularity of EVs and their impact on the environment, so much so, their production lines keep revving-up and cranking-out more EVs at more affordable prices for consumers.

EVs use electricity and a battery pack to operate, which eliminates standard combustion engine components, and bypasses the need for gas. Since the engine burns no gas, there are no carbon emissions to impact the environment.

You may have noticed electric charging stations for EVs popping-up across Pasco and Pinellas Counties, because the need to recharge EVs during longer commutes and road trips has increased significantly with more car buyers choosing electric and hybrid vehicles.

Hybrids/Plug-in Hybrids

Hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrids {PHEVs] have been on American roadways for a number of years, and are some of the most common alternative fuel vehicles. Hybrids are what their name implies: a combination of a combustion engine and an electric motor.  These vehicles offer improved fuel efficiency, because the electric motor uses electrical power for short-distance driving, which, in turn, charges the battery for better fuel efficiency.

PHEVs are even more efficient than hybrids, because they use electricity as the primary source of power, and the combustion engine serves as a back-up.  The Asphalt Adventures article explains, “To allow this, a PHEV can generate power for the motor onboard like a hybrid and also through charging like an EV. This makes PHEVs even more efficient than hybrids.”

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles [FCEVs] use a fuel cell in combination with a battery that results in emissions of only water and heat, with zero carbons. So, what are the challenges with this alternative fuel vehicle-type? It is expensive and not readily available across America. “Because of the higher cost of technology, fuel cell vehicles and refueling infrastructure are limited primarily to California, though it (will) likely expand further once costs decrease,” Asphalt Adventures states.

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