Cash Economic Stimulus Checks for Less at Holiday Shell

If you haven’t already received your CARES Act, “Economic Impact Check,” watch your mailbox! The IRS began issuing these stimulus checks April 20th, and as of May 1st, they still had tens of millions of checks to send eligible US citizens.

“Unfortunately, the IRS wouldn’t divulge its exact schedule for sending stimulus payments to all eligible Americans via direct deposit, paper check or Direct Express debit card. (We asked),” admitted AARP.

The point is, the checks are beginning to land, folks, so be on the look out!

You will know it is an official IRS check, because there are 6 security features on the stimulus checks, as outlined by AARP:

  1. Treasury seal. The new seal will say “Bureau of the Fiscal Service” once check stock showing “Financial Management Service” (FMS) runs out.
  2. Bleeding ink. The Treasury seal, to the right of an image of the Statue of Liberty, has security ink that will run and turn red when moisture is applied to the black ink of the seal.
  3. Microprinting. Microprinted words are so small they appear as just a line to the naked eye. But when magnified, the words become visible. Microprinting cannot be duplicated by a copier and when a check is counterfeited, it will often show up as a solid line or a series of dots. This U.S. Treasury check has one area on the back where “USAUSAUSA” appears repeatedly in such tiny print.
  4. Watermark. All stimulus checks are printed on watermark paper that reads “U.S. TREASURY,” which can be seen from both the front and back of the check when it is held up to a light. The watermark is light and cannot be reproduced by a copier. Any check not having the watermark should be suspected as being counterfeit or copied.
  5. Ultraviolet overprinting. A protective ultraviolet pattern, invisible to the naked eye, consisting of four lines of “FMS” will be bracketed by the FMS seal on the left and the U.S. seal — an eagle — on the right. This pattern usually may be found under the payee information and the dollar amount area. The FMS pattern and seals can be detected under a black light. If the amount box is altered in any way, a space will be created in the ultraviolet area. When exposed to black light, the ink used in the pattern and the seal will glow. This fluorescent quality cannot be photocopied. Beginning in 2013, a new ultraviolet pattern was introduced into the check stock consisting of four lines repeating the words “FISCAL SERVICE.” Also, the seal has been changed to read “Bureau of the Fiscal Service” and may be seen until the prior check stock runs out.
  6. President’s name. The checks will feature these words on the lower right side of the Statue of Liberty: “Economic Impact Payment. President Donald J. Trump.”

Carefully examine any check you receive, and if you don’t see these specific security features, beware! “Fraudsters are always looking for ways to make a buck off of imitations. The Secret Service, which investigates counterfeiting as well as protects top officials, has distributed photos and descriptions (like outlined above), of genuine stimulus checks,” said AARP.

“AARP’s Fraud Watch Network can help you spot and avoid scams. Sign up for free “watchdog alerts,” review our scam-tracking map, or call our toll-free fraud helpline at 877-908-3360 if you or a loved one suspect you’ve been a victim,”

Now that you are certain you’ve received an authentic, official economic stimulus check, where are you going to cash it if you don’t have a bank account?

You could try a check cashing business, but most are charging a minimum of 1.9% for cashing government checks.

However, you can put more of Uncle Sam’s money in your pocket by cashing your check at a reputable check cashing service in Holiday, FL. Holiday Shell provides a convenient solution for the financially-underserved in our community, by offering a discounted fee of 1.5%, for cashing government stimulus checks, thanks to their partnership with United Check Cashing.

With the backing of United Check Cashing, Holiday Shell has the capacity to securely cash your government-issued checks so you immediately receive the funds you need to pay bills and feed your family.

United Check Cashing service at Holiday Shell is a fast and convenient way to cash your checks in Holiday, while providing other financial services for people who prefer to manage their money outside of commercial banks.

In addition to check-cashing, other benefits of the Holiday Shell office center include bill payment, money transfers, and standard office services to facilitate life’s important fiduciary transactions more smoothly and simply.

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