How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell from Your Car: Five Simple Tricks


“Sure, go ahead. Just remember to fill the tank when you’re done.”

Famous last words as you toss your keys to your cousin Mitch, who needed to borrow a ride because his steel blue pickup lay splayed open in the shop to diagnose transmission troubles. When Mitch returned your newly leased Camry a day later, he had filled it with more than just a fresh tank of gas.

You forgot that Mitch was a smoker.

Do you wash your car as often as you should?

Some car owners wash their cars almost daily, while others won’t even attempt it until someone mentions how awful their car looks. The main goal of washing your car regularly is to keep it in good condition, which will maintain its appearance and (hopefully) its resale or trade-in value. Keeping your car clean is important because it prevents contaminants such … Read More