Is Faxing Dead?

Is fax dead?

Faxing: are we ready to pull the plug? Yes. That pun is very much intended. In a day and age where everything is virtual and digital, it is a wonder that old school methods like faxing have survived. It is not uncommon these days to find businesses including both emails and fax addresses on their contacts.

How Check Cashing Centers Benefit Americans

One of the marks of a progressive and responsive society is always devising ways of meeting the needs of the citizens as they arise. The concept of check cashing is actually one of those services geared towards meeting the needs of common Americans. A situation where you can go into a department store, an auto shop, or a farmers’ market, … Read More

Why Electronic Bill Pay Can Be Better Than Checks

It wasn’t that long ago when every payment you made had to be made in person with cash or a check, or by mail with a check. Even though technology has changed how this works and offers more convenience with online payments, many people are still reluctant to go that route. In many cases, it’s because they’re concerned about privacy … Read More

5 Reasons to Use Western Union to Send Money Internationally

Send money internationally from Holiday, FL

There are lots of ways to send money to a loved one overseas when there is an emergency. Many methods available allow people to receive funds quickly, however, that doesn’t make them the best choice. Western Union is by far the best option over some of the other common methods such as PayPal, MoneyGram, and more. The Comfort of Brick … Read More