Holiday Shell Participates in Valuable Fuel Rewards® Program

Practically every kind of store offers customers the opportunity to cash-in on savings when they use a special customer loyalty card, and you can count Holiday Shell among them! Holiday Shell participates in the Fuel Rewards® loyalty program which adds substantial fuel savings for customers as our way of saying “Thank you for your patronage.” With Fuel Rewards®, your discounts … Read More

Cruise Control Proves Problematic in the Rain

Automotive manufacturers have loaded our vehicles with lots of standard features and options to make the time we spend in our vehicles as comfortable and convenient as possible. One of these special options is cruise control, which has become increasingly more standard in late-model vehicles. Cruise control is a great technological feature that can help save fuel costs and make … Read More

6 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Hurricane Season

June 1st marked the beginning of the 2020 hurricane season, and we’ve already had three named hurricanes! That seems in line with what the forecasters from Colorado State University predicted, as they proclaimed this would be another above-normal, active storm season. “We anticipate that the 2020 Atlantic basin hurricane season will have above-normal activity,” the forecast said. In addition, there … Read More

DIY Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Car During COVID-19

At a time when gas prices are lower than they’ve been in years, it’s a shame people can’t take full advantage of the savings due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  With stay-at-home orders in place, travel restrictions, and many businesses closed, most people are heeding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ mandate, and they are not going anywhere. When an automobile is forced … Read More

What Happens When You Fill Your Car with the Wrong Kind of Fuel?

What Happens When You Fill Your Car with the Wrong Kind of Fuel?

When you pull up to the pump, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make. Generally, there are at least three or four different nozzles to choose from, each with a different color or number or fancy name. Now, most people are only concerned about one number: the price. And they’re only looking for one word: “regular”.

Three Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

This time last year, the average cost per gallon of gas in Florida was 20 cents cheaper than it is today. The year before that, prices were almost 70 cents lower than they are now. With the cost of petroleum steadily on the rise, smart drivers are looking for any way they can to save at the pump. And while … Read More