Holiday Shell Participates in Valuable Fuel Rewards® Program

Practically every kind of store offers customers the opportunity to cash-in on savings when they use a special customer loyalty card, and you can count Holiday Shell among them!

Holiday Shell participates in the Fuel Rewards® loyalty program which adds substantial fuel savings for customers as our way of saying “Thank you for your patronage.” With Fuel Rewards®, your discounts add-up with purchases you make every day, and shopping is not limited to Shell stations.

Here’s how it works…

  • Sign-up to become a Fuel Rewards® customer. Begin as a Silver status member and become a Gold status member by filling-up six times in the first three months of membership.
  • Use the Fuel Rewards® app to link your credit or debit card to Link & Save™.
  • Every time you use your linked credit or debit card for purchases at your favorite restaurants, event tickets, online shopping, rental cars, featured offers and more, and see your  Fuel Rewards® add-up for significant savings on your next fuel purchase up to 20 gallons.
  • Use your linked credit or debit card, your fuel rewards card, or your alternate ID at the pump of any participating Shell station, and you’re given the option to select the amount you want to save on your fuel purchase. Use the entire amount or a discounted amount of your choosing.

It’s that easy, and who doesn’t want to save money on fuel?

Silver Status and Gold Status

As stated above, when you become a member of the Shell Fuel Rewards® program, you start at Silver status. This automatically awards you a $.03/gal discount. After you have filled your tank at Holiday Shell or another participating Shell station six times, your status is escalated to Gold, and you earn a minimum of $.05 off/gal.

Ways to Earn Fuel Rewards®

  • Dining. Use your linked credit card at participating restaurants to earn up to $.10/gal for every $50 you spend.
  • In-Store Rewards. Shop at Holiday Shell or other participating Shell stations and purchase specially featured items to receive additional Fuel Rewards®.
  • Online Shopping. You must sign up for Fuel Rewards® and click through the links of the brands you love on the Shop Online page to earn at least $.05/gal reward for $50 or more in purchases. [When you click the link to the online store you’re shopping from the Fuel Rewards® website, you will be redirected to that store’s ecommerce site.]
  • Event Tickets. You must sign up for Fuel Rewards® and click through the links of the events for which  you want to purchase tickets to earn $.10/gal reward for every $50 you spend for live event ticket purchases. [When you click the link to buy live event tickets from the Fuel Rewards® website, you will be redirected to the VIVIDSEATS website to make your purchase.]
  • Featured Offers. “Big brands come with big rewards. Get exclusive deals on groceries, energy, wine delivery and more.” Brands like Campbell’s Soup, Avis, Choice Privileges, and Dunkin’ are a mere sample of the companies offering “limited-time” or “everyday” discounts in combination with earning Fuel Rewards®.
  • Rental Cars. “Book an Avis® or Budget® rental car using the links” on the Fuel Rewards® website, and “enjoy your trip!” Earn $.05/gal for every $50 spent, and your Fuel Rewards® will be added to your loyalty account within 45 days of your rental car drop-off. [When you click the link to rent a car on the Fuel Rewards® website, you will be redirected to the Avis® or Budget® website to rent a car.]

According to their website, “Fuel Rewards® expire on the last day of the month, two months after they post to your Fuel Rewards® account.”  For example if your rewards posted on August 17, they would expire if unused by October 31.

It’s quick and easy to begin earning Fuel Rewards® and start saving on your fuel purchases at Holiday Shell and other participating Shell stations today. Download the mobile app to see all the ways you can accumulate Fuel Rewards® and monitor your account no matter where you are or where you’re going!

Holiday Shell is conveniently located at the corner of Sunray Dr and US Hwy 19, and serves as your one-stop shop in West Pasco County for gas, oil, windshield washer and other engine fluids; a car wash, vacuum, or air. We also offer a wide selection of popular everyday items like fresh coffee, ice cold beverages, household goods, office services and more.

Holiday Shell is open 24/7/365, and is available to provide basic automotive products and office services needed by US Hwy 19 commuters, North and South from Holiday, New Port Richey, Trinity, Port Richey, Hudson, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, and all surrounding areas.