Reputable Check Cashing Service Helps the Financially-Underserved

The economy has taken a big hit, thanks to the coronavirus. Markets are at their lowest point in more than a decade, and there is a lot of economic uncertainty. People have been laid-off from their jobs, and our lives have become anything but normal.

There is legislation in Congress that is expected to provide financial help for Americans and their families who earn less than $75K/year, via direct deposits into bank accounts or checks by mail.

When this happens, it will be a big shot-in-the-arm for our beleaguered workers and their families, but what happens when people do not have a fiscal relationship with a banking institution or a basic checking account?

A reputable check cashing service in Holiday, FL, provides a convenient solution for the financially-underserved in our community. With the backing of United Check Cashing, Holiday Shell has the capacity to securely cash your government-issued checks, tax returns, payroll, insurance and commercial checks, for a nominal fee, so you immediately receive the funds you need to pay bills and feed your family.

That’s just one of the benefits of using a check cashing service: immediate funds. In addition to check-cashing, other benefits of our office center include bill payment, money transfers, and standard office services to facilitate life’s important fiduciary transactions more smoothly and simply.

Immediate Cash

There are many reasons why people choose not to open traditional bank accounts. There are service fees, overdraft fees, returned check fees, and even ATM fees. These all add –up over time. Furthermore, some banks require a waiting period of 24-48 business hours for a check to clear before the deposit shows-up in the account. When you get paid on a Friday and your money isn’t available until Tuesday, that becomes a problematic situation when cupboards are bare, the gas tank is empty or the rent is due. Having immediate cash in hand provides enormous peace of mind.

Bill Payment

Now that you’ve cashed your check, it’s time to pay some bills. Holiday Shell’s electronic bill payment service is a fast, easy way to make important payments on time, every time.  We work with hundreds of business accounting systems to transfer payments electronically, without delay. Simply bring your account statement and the money to pay your bills, and for a nominal fee, we facilitate bill payment transactions quickly and easily. If money orders are your preferred instrument to make payments, we offer money orders you can afford.

Money Transfers

Technology has definitely evolved over the years, and one thing that has remained a viable means to transfer money to family, friends and loved ones continues to be Western Union wire transfer services. Many banks offer money transfer services for their customers for a fee, but when you don’t have a bank account, Holiday Shell authorized agents execute money transfers to more than 196,000 locations around the world.

Office Center

As antiquated as it may sound, not everyone possess their own office equipment, like computers, printers and fax machines, and still others do not have the luxury of internet access. This is especially problematic now, with businesses and schools closing and workers losing their jobs. Holiday Shell provides high quality office solutions to help customers keep taking care of business, even during tumultuous times! Avoid long lines at the customer service desk of area big box stores, and manage your time wisely by procuring your office needs, including fax and notary services, promptly and efficiently.

Holiday Shell is conveniently located at the corner of Sunray Dr and US Hwy 19, and serves as your one-stop shop for check cashing, bill payment, money transfers, and office services in West Pasco County. Aside from gas, we offer a wide selection of popular everyday items like fresh coffee, ice cold beverages, CBD oils and edibles, vaping products, household goods and more.

Holiday Shell is open 24/7/365, and is available to provide the office services and products needed by US Hwy 19 commuters North and South from Holiday, New Port Richey, Trinity, Port Richey, Hudson, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, and all surrounding areas.