Six Tips for Travelling Safely Into Old Age

Numbers don’t lie.

A study by AARP Travel shows that 7 in 10 people over the age of 45 prefer road trips to other forms of transport. Another one of their surveys shows that an impressive 87% of over-45-year-olds traveling for fun opted for road trip arrangements.

It is therefore pretty clear that you are never too old to go on one of these adventures. All you need to do is take a few special precautions, and you should have just as good a time as you did back in the good old day (you know, when all your joints worked properly).

So here are Holiday Shell’s tips to keep you safe and maximize the fun on your next road trip.

1. Get familiar with the routes

Before setting out on your adventure, it is always a good idea to get familiar with the roads you will be using. Consult a map or take a quick look at GPS traces. This is particularly important if age has started messing with your memory and situational awareness. The last thing you want to do is to end up lost and stranded in the middle of nowhere.

2. Have a properly stocked first aid kit

Your kit should include basics like bandages, bandaids, and disinfectant swabs. It should also include basic drugs including painkillers and antihistamines.  Finally, if you have any medical conditions make sure that you have enough prescription medicine. That way your diabetes, allergies or other ailments will not stand in the way of your fun.

3. Get the right snacks for the road

There is a tendency to associate road trips with unhealthy snacking. It seems the worse the nutrition value, the more enjoyable the adventure is. However, as a wiser explorer, you need to put your health first. This means trading in some of those unhealthy snacks for more nutritional options.

This doesn’t mean that you completely ditch the chips, soda, and Cheetos. By all means, indulge. However, be moderate about it and remember to stay hydrated throughout the trip.

4. Make sleep a priority

Gone are the days when you could stay up all night and run functionally the whole day. It is important to acknowledge and adjust to this fact. Therefore, ensure to include full nights of sleep within your trip itinerary and save the long distance driving for daytime.

5. Make sure your vehicle is up for the trip

You do not want to be stuck in the middle of a forest road changing a burst tire or checking an overheated engine. This is just one of the few things that could go really wrong for you if you don’t get your vehicle serviced for the trip.

It is particularly important for aging road trippers to make this a priority as some of the onsite repair activities might be a little difficult to handle. There is no need to take chances.

6. Let loose and have fun

Forget about the kids back home and whether or not they are getting along with the nanny. Forget about work and how your employees are handling things in your absence. Forget about that plant you left at your retirement home. Just channel your inner youthful self and learn to live in the moment. This is truly the best way to make the most out of the trip.

Time to hit the road

With these tips, you should have yourself a pretty awesome trip. It doesn’t matter whether you are in your middle-age years or giving Santa a run for his money with your grey hair. So go forth and relive the days of your awesome youth with your friends or family. Just be smart and safe about it.